Environment-friendly Business Solutions

We offer comprehensive recycling, industry-specific waste management, quality control & sustainability solutions for businesses in Edinburgh.


Comprehensive waste management service.


Taking care of your waste needs with our environmentally friendly vehicles

At EWM we operate a modern fleet of refuse collection vehicles each. The vehicles are maintained on a 6 week cycle to ensure that all safety requirements are met and that we remain reliable at all times. Our fleet are tracked to ensure that routes can be scheduled as economically and environmentally friendly as possible.

Professional Staff

Our expert staff are our biggest asset.

EWM employ a skilled and friendly team who deliver a professional and personal service to all our clients. These dedicated individuals collectively form the backbone to EWM and set us apart from our competitors.

Efficient Systems

Our professional operations staff run efficient and productive service.

Our operations team are constantly working to ensure that we are running an efficient and productive operation at all times . Delivering excellence which includes making continuing improvements to our company in order to achieve a competitive advantage. In doing so, EWM maximizes value for the client as well as our own financial benefits. With operational excellence, EWM develop efficient systems in which our employees focus on fixing problems as soon as they arise. All employees have the information and authorization to solve problems affecting the business channels in which they work.